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Treasure Hunt Clues
Clue #1
We’re always on and always available to get students where they need to be; and we’ll keep them safe every step of the way.
Clue #2
Forget the heavy lifting with all that hardware. We make accessing servers, storage, and databases feel light as a feather--or even a cloud.
Clue #3
You’ll find us hard at work in sports stadiums, college campuses, hotels, and restaurants. When app users get close by, just give us a push.
Clue #4
Whether you’re a student accessing financial aid information or an employee who wants to view one’s paycheck, we make it possible from the palm of your hand.
Clue #5
We make life easier for higher ed by offering a library of pre-built APIs. In turn, you make life easier for your students, all while keeping them engaged.
Clue #6
Goodbye, multiple passwords. Hello, secure experience. Your students will easily access the information they need, while you have peace of mind.
Clue #7
No one wants to wait 20 minutes at the bus stop. We let students know exactly where their bus is, giving them back time in their day to do more important things.
Clue #8
Every step they take, every move they make, we enable you to keep track of student interactions and improve the student lifecycle.