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Leonard De Botton
Photo of Leonard De Botton
Leonard De Botton
Berkeley College
Mr. Leonard De Botton, Len, serves as Chief Information Officer at Berkeley College and has been its Vice President of Information Systems since 2002. Mr. De Botton has more than 20 years of outstanding leadership experience in the field of information technology at Berkeley College. Mr. De Botton began his career at Berkeley College as a Programmer charged with implementing the College's first financial aid system. He was promoted to Systems Administrator and became the Director of the Computer Resources Department in 1995, where he began to oversee the College's technology. Mr. De Botton has been a Trustee of Njedge.Net since December 8, 2012. Mr. De Botton is a board member of the Leadership Board for Chief Information Officers and has presented at numerous technology conferences, including those sponsored by the National Blackboard Conference and NJEDge.Net. He recently assisted on the analysis presented in the Information Technology in Higher Education: 2012 Survey of Chief Information Officers. Mr. De Botton holds a Master's degree in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix; a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems jointly from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and New Jersey Institute of Technology; and an Associate's degree in Information Systems from the County College of Morris.